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The aim of many who sell on eBay is to become what is known as a Powerseller. There are a lot of perks that come with this title, which is why a lot of eBay sellers covet it! Having this title not only gives these members special treatment but it also means that they have a good reputation for selling on eBay.

So what exactly is a Powerseller and how do you become one?

The ebay Powerseller program works a little bit like an exclusive club for those who have proven that they can sell on eBay and give a great consistent performance. Only the top sellers are invited to join the program and they enjoy benefits that normal sellers don?t have access to.

There are several ways to become eligible for Powerseller status. There is a requirement for consistently good feedback and high Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs). Starting at the Bronze level, the seller must sell on eBay, within three consecutive months, a total of £750 in sales or a quantity of 100 items. So theoretically a seller could sell on ebay 2 items a month at £375 each for at least 3 consecutive months, or 100 items at £5 each; either way they would qualify for Bronze level. The levels move up through Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium, the highest level. Perks get better and better the more you sell on eBay!

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So, here are some of the benefits:

Powersellers are trusted by buyers as genuine and trustworthy because their feedback and DSRs reflect that. In general, some people may have doubts about buying online but dealing with a seller who has a good reputation is reassuring and sellers will see their sales rise further.

Preferential treatment is also given regarding the eBay customer service department. There is access to a telephone number which Powersellers can call if they have any selling queries or problems. This is because eBay recognises their ability to generate higher sales which then results in higher fees and so more profits for ebay!

eBay buyers like Powersellers because they have credibility. They know that they are not dealing with someone who will simply take their money and run, therefore they are likely to spend more on their purchases.

Discounts on selling fees are given to Powersellers who continually perform well. So you will see your sales rise and your fees fall! In addition to offering an attractive inventory and therefore making multiple sales month after month, good marketing will also increase your sales and help you on your way to becoming a Powerseller.

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